Michael Stolar

Artist - Arranger - Songwriter - Producer

Michael Stolar is a professional performer originally hailing from the Cleveland area. He now resides in Manhattan, NY pursuing his music career. His vocal styles consist of pop variations such as electropop, dance-pop, and bedroom pop with an RnB influence.

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Check out his uptempo track "Parade"

"Parade" is one of Michael's favorite tracks that talks about self-empowerment and moving on. The song follows the story of someone coming back into your life after you've finally moved on from them. They want a second chance but it's too late; you've realized you're worth more than the little they give you. This song's fun and edgy production (which was done by Michael himself) gives it an exciting feel that makes you want to get up and dance! With lyrics similar to Lorde and Taylor Swift combined with production choices similar to Billie Eilish and Finneas, "Parade" is the perfect song to jam out to all summer long with the windows down. Click here to listen now!